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X-Capper Plus


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We carry a great selection of fast and reliable automatic cappers and decappers for scew cap tubes. The automated X-TubeProcessor solution is a modular system with a range of HTI-bioX add-ons to satisfy typical capping and decapping tasks in the laboratory. With its customization features, the X-TubeProcessor is built to fulfill unique customer applications. As a flexible and user-friendly device, the X-TubeProcessor eliminates repetitive and monotonous work, saving valuable time and money.

The X-Capper Plus is an extension of the basic X-TubeProcessor. Unlike the X-Tube Processor, which has one belt, the X-Capper Plus has two belts, which means it can hold and process more tubes at one time.

To use the X-Capper Plus, simply place the racks of tubes that need processed on the inlet belt. After processing, they will be moved to the outlet belt.

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Features and Benefits of X-Capper Plus
  • Up to 7 racks can be loaded continuously
  • Decaps and then caps tubes with either the same or new caps
  • Caps single tubes or open tubes in rack
  • Feeder system available for tubes or caps

The automated solution X-Capper is a modular system of different components for typical capping / decapping tasks in a laboratory:

  • Decapping and subsequent capping with either the same or new caps
  • Capping of single tubes or
  • Capping of open tubes inside a rack

Different modules are available

  • Capper for different cap sizes
  • Feeder system for tubes
  • Feeder system for caps

The tubes can be fed into the system, for example, inside a rack or using a different method. The caps are provided either already oriented or separated by a feeder from a hopper.


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