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Micronic Electric Capper CP860

SKU: MP35021 | Number of unit in packaging: 1
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An electric capper for all tube sizes.

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Built to meet the special requirements of our customers, the Univo Electric Capper CP860 can cap the following Micronic Push Caps on 96-format tubes in rack: TPE Capmats, Capbands and Capclusters, and EVA Capmats. For your convenience, the capper operates without any buttons. Simply pull the drawer out of the capper, place a rack filled with tubes on the drawer, and place the capmat, capband or capcluster on the tubes. Finally, push the drawer inside the capper, where the tubes will be capped automatically.

The CP860 can cap any tube height up to 59.0mm (no adaptors required). The cappers are also compatible with other brands of storage tubes and racks.

Rack compatibility
Cycle time
  : ANSI / SLAS standard 96-format racks
  : On average 7 seconds
  : 12 x 8 x 13 inch
  : 35 lbs
  : 115 - 230 V
    Features and Benefits of CP860
  • No adapters required
  • Caps entire rack of 96 tubes in approximately 7 seconds (depends on tube height)
  • Operates without any buttons
  • Compact and robust design
  • Controlled pressure system for an even capping result
  • Works on full and partially-full racks*
  • Compatible with the complete Micronic range of 96-format tubes and racks
  • Also compatible with other brands of tubes and caps (ask us for a compatibility list)


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Our product selection process includes three easy steps:

  • 1Specify tube size.
  • 2Choose number of tubes, rack type & packaging option.
  • 3Select tube coding.

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