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Novabiostorage Plus

Customer Satisfaction is key.

It means you receive the right product for the right application in perfect condition. We go to great lengths to ensure your satisfaction by opening every box to inspect that products are correct and in working order before sending them on to you.

WE'RE PROUD OF THE WORK WE DO. The PLUS in Nova Biostorage+ means that we aim to not just meet your expectations but also to exceed them.

Whether you are ordering racks and tubes or a high-speed spectrophotometer, your products are hand checked before final shipment.

The PLUS sticker is our way of saying that quality assurance and customer satisfaction matter to us. Every staff member is trained to recognize damages and product errors before putting their PLUS on your order.

Eddie Werner "Down time in a lab is critical. My PLUS indicates that every component is present and ready to be installed upon arrival."
INSPECTED BY Signature 1 Eddie Werner Biorepository and Pharmaceutical Segment Specialist
Alexandra Hellberg "I was trained to know my products inside and out so that I can recognize when something isn't quite right. My PLUS means that I look for the little things that matter most to you."
INSPECTED BY Signature 2 Alexandra Hellberg Technical Sales Associate
Mike Bosick "I am often the last person to handle a product before it leaves our facility. This means that your products were packed with care to arrive unharmed."
INSPECTED BY Signature 3 Mike Bosick Shipping Associate