OpenTrons OT-One PRO


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Free yourself from repetitive benchwork with your own personal liquid handling robot, at a small investment!

OT-One PRO - $5,000


  • (1) Pipette actuator
  • (1) Single channel pipette: p10, p200 or p1000
  • (2) Tip racks
  • (2) Pipette actuators
  • (1) Single channel pipette: p10, p200 or p1000
  • (1) 8-Channel pipette: p10 or p200
  • (1) On board camera
  • (2) Tip racks
  • (1) Laptop with pre-loaded software
  • Features:
    • Liquid Handling: Standard single or multi-channel manual micropipettes for microliter accuracy
    • Protocols:
    • - Web-based library of protocols: simply download the needed protocols and share with collaborators, or create your own protocol for a specific application
      - Available for common applications such as serial dilutions, ELISA, Master mix and PCR, Gibson Assembly, transformations, and more
  • Robotics: Industrial grade motors, bearings, and aluminum chassis for years of use
  • Footprint: 24" x 24" x 24"; approximately 30lbs
  • Capacity: 15 SBS/SLAS format plates, tube rack, and other standard labware
  • Compatibility: In-browser interface is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux
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