Micronic Sample Storage Tubes

Nova BioStorage+ provides an extensive line of superior quality Micronic sample storage tubes. Manufactured with high purity polypropylene in class 7 clean room production, these Micronic sample storage tubes can withstand any solvent and environmental condition, effectively preventing sample contamination and data loss. ISO-certified and completely free of RNAse, DNAse, and Pyrogen, these Micronic specimen storage tubes guarantee proven and unparalleled performance in sample storage and collection applications.

Meet demanding requirements of your research and testing laboratories. Nova Biostorage+ showcases a wide collection of Micronic sample storage tubes that can contain 0.50mL to 7.50mL sample volumes. Save freezer space and organize samples efficiently with available sample storage tubes that offer optimal sealing for storage even in ultra-low temperatures. Shop Micronic sample storage tubes precapped with TPE caps, screw caps, and without caps today. We offer storage tubes that can can perfectly fit 96-well, 24-well, and 48-well SBS standard formats.

For product information or further inquiries on micronic sample storage tubes, feel free to contact our experts at 724.941.6411 or email us at [email protected].

Need to know what Micronic Sample Tubes are compatible with your existing bio-libraries and storage systems? Download the FREE Micronic Tube Sample Card Compatibility Guide and get tips on:

  • Finding Micronic sample storage tubes for your TTP Labtech Compound and TTP Labtech Arktic
  • Identifying Micronic sample tubes suitable for Hamilton Storage Systems and Scinomix Tube Labelers
  • Determining Micronic tubes perfect for automated equipment used in biobanking applications and large scale sample collections
  • Micronic sample tube specifications

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Micronic Sample Storage Tubes


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