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Micronic Sample Storage Tubes

Nova Biostorage+ showcases a wide collection of industry leading Micronic sample storage tubes ranging in size from 0.30ml to 6.0ml. The tubes are available non-coded, alphanumeric or 2D barcoded with the option of push cap, internal thread screw cap or external thread screw cap. In addition, Nova Biostorage+ offers a variety of special tubes including the Tubestrip-8, glass tubes and amber tubes for light sensitive samples.

Need to know what Micronic Sample Tubes are compatible with your existing bio-libraries and storage systems? Download the FREE Micronic Tube Sample Card Compatibility Guide and get tips on:

  • Finding Micronic sample storage tubes for your TTP Labtech Compound and TTP Labtech Arktic
  • Identifying Micronic sample tubes suitable for Hamilton Storage Systems and Scinomix Tube Labelers
  • Determining Micronic tubes perfect for automated equipment used in biobanking applications and large scale sample collections
  • Micronic sample tube specifications

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Micronic Sample Storage Tubes


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