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Novabiostorage Plus

Micronic Capping Solutions

Micronic Capping Solutions

Nova Biostorage+ provides quality and reliable capping and sealing solutions to achieve accuracy of sample handling and gather reproducible results. Our delicately selected product line offers TPE, EVA, screw caps and other types of screw caps for storage tubes of the leading manufacturers. Also available are durable capping accessories such as decappers, capmat sealers, sealing films and mats for PCR plates as well as deep-well plates in 96- or 384-well formats.

Our capping and sealing solutions ensure leak-proof and contamination-free sample storages that critical scientific researches require. For further inquiries, contact our experts at 724.941.6411 or [email protected]

Ensure efficient sample storage and handling by following a reliable cap color coding system. Grab a FREE copy of The Standard Micronic Cap Color Coding Guide today to:

  • Enhance tube identification and organization processes
  • Easily trace back aliquots to parent samples through a standard cap color solution
  • Identify what cap color can be used for what sample types
  • Reduce laboratory risks and human errors through colored sample storage caps

Improve laboratory sample management by viewing our FREE Standard Micronic Cap Color Coding Guide. Click here.


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