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Novabiostorage Plus

Lab Set-up Guide

Nova Biostorage+ is proud to be the only sample storage solutions provider to develop and offer a complete end-to-end solution for laboratories.

Whether you are just starting out, or expanding your facility, we will be glad to discuss each step of your application in order to ensure you receive a specialized solution to improve efficiency and results in your laboratory, with an initial discount to help you get started.

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Sample Storage Requirements

Initial sample collection
Are they light sensitive?
Temperature at which the samples will be stored
Would you prefer that sample tubes and storage racks are barcoded?
Do you need a database management system?
Will your samples need to be labeled for tracking/identification?
Do you need to verify sample volume?
Will you be performing qPCR?
Will you be performing DNA quantification?

Based upon this information, a Technical Specialist will propose a custom solution to help your laboratory achieve better results and improved workflow.