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Below are application notes that we have developed to assist you with the “how” questions of our product line – How do our products solve common laboratory problems? How do specific types of laboratories make use of our products? How do our products work together to improve your laboratory’s workflow? More application notes are added regularly – please check back for more topics!

Download Application Notes below.



A Novel Paper Based Technology For Biosample Collection and Biobanking

Absence of Extractables in Micronic Polypropylene Sample Storage Tubes

Agriculture & Micronic: Sample Preservation and Storage Solutions

Barcode Quality Control: 2D Tube Codes & 1D Rack Barcodes

Bead Beating Performance: Mechanical Tube Strength in Extreme Conditions

Cap Color Coding for Biological Samples

Code Resistance Performance of Laser-Etched Versus Ink 2D Based Codes

Comparative Study of DNA Isolated from Stool Using Norgen’s Stool Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit and Norgen’s Stool DNA Isolation Midi Kit (Slurry Format) Versus Qiagen’s QIAamp DNA Stool Mini Kit

Detection of Viral, Bacterial and Human Genomic DNA from Preserved Stool Samples

Durability of Sample Storage Products: Repetitive Opening and Closing of Tubes

Efficient Sample Management, Realized

Freeze-Thaw Stability of Micronic TPE Push Caps

GenTegra RNA Preserves the Quality and Integrity of Purified RNA During Ambient Temperature Transport

Heliport Integration TECAN Freedom EVO Liquid Handlers

High Efficiency Real-Time PCR from Saliva DNA

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