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1.40ml Non coded Screw Cap tubes V-bottom in refill carrier-96 Case

SKU: MP32075CS | Manufacturer Part No: MP32075 | Number of refills in packaging: 50
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1.40ml Non coded Screw Cap tubes V-bottom in refill carrier-96 Case

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Do you want to organize your samples in a better way? If so, then Micronic offers you a wide range of 1.40ml sample storage tubes in 96-well configuration. The tubes are available with different types of exterior tube bottoms: round or flat. The 1.40ml tubes are standard available in the 96-well format Roborack or Comorack. The Roborack-96 features a laser etched 1D rack barcode on one side.

     1400ul Tube 1 Dim 

Inner tube shape  
Working volume (+21ºC)    
Tube height in rack 

Temperature range

: Highest purity Polypropylene
: V-bottom (S+P) / U-bottom (S+P)
: See overview here
: 46.5mm (without cover)
: Chemical solvents

: Vapor phase LN2 to +100ºC

Superior features

  • Internal thread provides the most optimal sealing for storage at ultra-low temperatures
  • Available Non-coded, Alphanumeric coded or with a unique 2D TraXis / Data-Matrix code (adhere to the ECC200 standard)
  • Alphanumeric codes, 2D codes and 1D rack barcodes are permanently laser etched
  • 2D barcodes also have a human-readable code
  • 100% quality control on all 2D codes
  • Available in bulk, refill and Roborack-96 (based on the global recognized ANSI / SLAS standards for storage racks)
  • Black code surface cannot be separated from the transparent tube due to the unique 2K injection molding technique
  • Class 7 clean room production
  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free

Available options

  • Amber tubes for light sensitive samples
  • Sterile, gamma radiated (15 kGy Avg.) or EtO treated
  • Snap tubes; tubes are locked into the rack wells to prevent sample loss from overturned racks
  • Precapped with (Low Profile) Screw Cap or Push Cap
  • Customized 2D Data-Matrix tube code and 1D rack barcode

Need to know what Micronic Sample Tubes are compatible with your existing bio-libraries and storage systems? Download the FREE Micronic Tube Sample Card Compatibility Guide and get tips on:

  • Finding Micronic sample storage tubes for your TTP Labtech Compound and TTP Labtech Arktic
  • Identifying Micronic sample tubes suitable for Hamilton Storage Systems and Scinomix Tube Labelers
  • Determining Micronic tubes perfect for automated equipment used in biobanking applications and large scale sample collections
  • Micronic sample tube specifications

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